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THE CLASS OF 2021: Isabelle Sain

Isabelle Sain

NSCAD University


Isabelle Sain is an artist whose work is an ongoing sensory experience that explores the relationships between body and space. Her work is grounded in establishing connections and events that define shared experiences. She represents the tactility of these experiences through experimental wearable objects, textiles and interactive sculptures as a way to understand human interaction within the physical, political, social, and spiritual environment.

Isabelle is obtaining her BFA in textiles and fashion at NSCAD University. Isabelle’s work has been exhibited in Toronto, Halifax and Copenhagen. She has also conducted research projects investigating the future of fashion with KEA University, and has collaborated with a number of brands including Samsøe & Samsøe and the Green Cannabis Co. In her art practice and experiences she has created textile based design processes and solutions that establish connections to reinterpret textile production into a more holistic and environmentally and socially conscious industry.


The world is concentrated on the interactions bodies have with surrounding spaces. The connections formed alter the dynamics of individuals and community. Investigating how the cycle of reliance between the garment and bodies is created through interconnected narratives. How does the relationship affect the deflated garment? Is it possible to generate autonomous expressions without the body in clothing? Creating a moment to consider the garment’s transition from an inanimate object to a living choreographic object. This project will encompass three sculptural silhouettes as a sensory experience to reflect on the historical, social, and relational language that are conveyed through the body and garment. Each piece reveals a different way the body and dress change meaning through a dynamic relationship. The static garment metamorphosizes into a choreographic object, the garment manipulates the body shape, and the wearer manipulates flatness to interact with forms.

Silhouette Two


Recycled Nylon, hemp, silk organza, Lace by Sophie Hallette

Silhouette One


Organic cotton, silk organza, Lace by Sophie Hallette

Cycle of Reliance


Recycled Nylon, hemp, silk organza, Lace by Sophie Hallette, organic cotton

The Garment's Transition


Recycled Nylon, hemp

The Relational Language


Hemp, organic cotton, silk habotai

The Garment's Movement


Recycled Nylon, hemp, silk organza, Lace by Sophie Hallette, organic cotton


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