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It took my whole freaking life...

It took me my whole freaking life to finally pursue my dream… my dream to become a professional artist. It’s a very long story but here are some bullet points to get you caught up to now

  • I was always a creative kid

  • I went to an arts high school in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and focussed on visual arts

  • I was convinced I would only ever be a “starving artist” so I didn’t pursue any secondary education in the arts

  • I stopped making art

  • I became an aesthetician and small business owner for over 20 years

  • I moved to Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • I had two kids

  • I was diagnosed with a condition called Madelung's Deformity that causes extreme wrist pain

  • I was told to change my career, due to the wrist pain

  • I tried a few other career paths but none were right for me

  • I never stopped thinking about creating art

  • In 2018 I started creating art again just to see if I could after my 20+ year hiatus

  • I make art with a light touch that does not hurt my wrists

  • In 2019 I got accepted into a local group show with one of my first oil paintings and sold that painting

  • In 2020 I got accepted into The Artist Project in Toronto and also won the People’s Choice Award

  • Also in 2020 the world shut down and I felt scared, discouraged and hopeless like a lot of people in the world

  • In 2021 I decided to find new hope and refocused on going full tilt with my art and the business of art AND what an amazing year it has been!!!

During my digital residency here I’ll be sharing in more detail. If you can’t wait until my next blog post you can hear most of the details in my recent podcast with The Jealous Curator and I also talk a lot about my personal experiences on my podcast ART, ok cool

I love interacting with other artists and art lovers so please reach out to me anytime, most days you can find me on Instagram @celinegabrielleart or


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