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A bit of a mix!

Hello Folks,

I am getting to my last post on this incredible residency opportunity! For this final post, I'll be showing you a bit of the process of creating wearable art pieces that I am currently working on for two incredible singers, Sarah Albu and Gayle Young, as well as some of my favorite pieces created thus far. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my work/creative process and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Sarah & Gayle

Sarah and Gayle are working on this superb experimental music recording and I am honored to be creating the wearable art piece that they will be using for their shoot. To create these pieces I listened to their music and we had a meeting in which they described the feelings and sensations they were evoking in their process.

Because we are in separate provinces and only working via zoom/emails, the first step I took was to do some research and create a mood board to share with them and hear their feedback. I went for natural textures and fabric manipulation, the images in the mood board are from mainly Brazilian designers and costume designers, the textures are photography and art work that spoke to me by listening to their music and you can see a the color pallet and some tests there too!

Sarah & Gayle Mood Board

Following this, I started the creation process. Manipulating the fabrics over fabrics and creating soft sculptures that are still to be attached to the final piece, this wearable art piece is coming together.

I made a short video with the process and one of their songs (the violinist in it is violinist in that recording - live recording from 2015 - is Kate Bevan-Baker). Also you'll see a bit of my workshop, aka the "place where magic happens", in the background.


As I say farewell to you all, Below you will find a collection of pieces that I have made in the past that I adore. Either because it was the first piece I made while learning a new technique or because I pushed my boundaries to try something new.

It was completely pleasure to share a bit of my process with you folks and thanks to Emily and Natalie for this unique opportunity!

See you around! <3


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