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Challenges for a little direction

In 2018 after making no art since high school (but thinking about it everyday) I started creating again just to see if I still could.

I started with supplies I could find around the house, and quickly started doing IG challenge to give myself some direction #20dayselfportraitchallenge (I only made it 16 days) then #100daysofcelinesketching (lost count but didn't finish that either) then #30apintingsin30days I gave myself a very small 5X5 to work on to ensure I could do it (but also didn't make it 30 days LOL) then I took a night class to learn how to oil paint which was both a big financial and time commitment for me at the time BEST DECISION EVER!

Next time I'll share how and when I got my first oil painting in a gallery show and sold it before the show even opened!!!


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