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THE CLASS OF 2020: Tyler Matheson

Tyler Matheson

University of Waterloo, MFA

Any other name would smell as sweet is an exploration of personal and shared experiences of feeling queer. This exhibition serves as an aesthetic and material investigation of the performativity of othered bodies, identities, and visibility. The process of becoming and adapting to surroundings is conceptually and experientially inherent in my work. I employ mirrors, and queer-coded reflective materials whose appearance shifts and transforms depending on the viewer’s body and position in relation to my work, creating a spatial dynamic in which each individual's experience becomes uniquely ours—a codependent performance. Through mirrors the viewer is able to see themselves in the context of my work, in this, the gallery space becomes a queer liminal space—a bridge between worlds. Between the spaces of an arrangement of sculptures, paintings, and photographs, meaning and truth becomes unmasked and revealed.

What is THE CLASS OF 2020? Click here!


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