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THE CLASS OF 2020: Sabrina Ballesteros

Sabrina Ballesteros

Ryerson University

I am fourth year fashion design student from Ryerson University. I created this project during the past two weeks of social quarantine. This doesn't relate to my final collection, however it features some garments that are from my final collection. Due to the virus, my photoshoot was cancelled and therefore until things return to normalcy, I cannot properly document my collection the way I wish. This project was my way of dealing with the current situation of the world and speaks to importance of perseverance and hope in trying times. Everything from the photography to concept to editing was executed by myself while quarantined in my home, all images taken around my property with my tripod and self timer. The work is formatted in a similar manner to fashion editorials with the use of verbal descriptions and clothing to tell the story.

1) Cover Page QS

2) Housewife




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