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THE CLASS OF 2020: Kayla Stumpf

Kayla Stumpf

The University of Waterloo

I paint larger than life portraits that are deliberately selected from various “bad selfies” that one would never typically share. The emotional contact evident in these figurative paintings is often seen as socially unacceptable or ironically hidden in our ever-increasing online world. Working with oil paint allows me to work in layers, building up colours while simultaneously revealing the wood ground. I use bright and contrasting colours to suggest movement and depth, and to evoke the expressive quality of paint and brushwork. The titles for the works, Phantoms, stems from the ephemeral source of the digital selfie archive that I have then chosen to bring into the physical realm of painting.

triptych "Phantoms" Oil Paint on Panel 24"x30" 2020 kstumpf-left first in series kstumpf-center second in series kstumpf-right last in series

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