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THE CLASS OF 2020: Joseph Pesina

Joseph Pesina

NSCAD University, MFA

The construct of my sculptural objects concerns itself with the planning of spatial relationships and object correlations with regard to Formalist practices. I use modular fabrication to reference mechanical processes alongside repetitive units to imply rhythmic motion. I rely heavily on visual balance and line weight to guide the development of series of artwork I make. In doing so I can explore positive and negative space as it relates to scale, surface, and form. Constructivism and Conceptual Minimalism are key factors in the artwork I make and serve as a foundation upon which my sculptures are built. The aim of my sculptural practice is in questioning the role of technology, industry and modernity in our contemporary society.

(HxWxD cm)


91.5 x 91.5 x 61

Stoneware, Porcelain and Acrylic Paint


The Arrangements of Units

45.75 x 213 x 30.5

Stoneware and Sintered Pigment


In Anticipation of a Solid

167 x 91.5 x 51

Stoneware, Sintered Pigment, Cherry Wood, Aluminum



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