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THE CLASS OF 2020: Brubey Hu

Brubey Hu

University of Waterloo, MFA

"I Have No Home But Me" explores the concepts of home and duality through personal narratives embedded in paintings and artist books. Painting is the artist’s approach to respond to the material world, employing fundamental and geometric shapes that suggest a sense of consensus and reconciliation. Visual duality is constructed not only by utilizing diptychs that include both the breathable reflection and opaque acrylic paint, but also by the juxtaposition between the paintings and the tapes. Being a bilingual, translation has been an important process involved in her practice both literally and visually. With the torn paper series, she translates the irregular torn edges onto wooden panels using acrylic paint to examine the evaporation of information through the process of translation. The artist seeks to unveil her hybrid existence of being Chinese living in the West through the implicit method of telling stories.

01 A Piece of 7" by 7" Paper Torn Apart No. 12

02 Installation view for final critique at Artery Gallery

03 Painting: 3 or 4 or 5?; Studio view with tapes on the wall

04 Absence No. 4

05 To Retrieve

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