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THE CLASS OF 2020: Anita Joh

Anita Joh

NSCAD University

Working under the persona Local Girl, LOCAL By Local Girl is a conceptual brand that allows the exploration and commentary on the fashion industry’s sets of rules and normalized practices. LOCAL By Local Girl is an ongoing performance taking physical forms of installations and pop-ups and virtual forms of social engagements. The concept as a brand includes everyday functional objects including wearable art pieces such as t shirts and tote bags as well as printed matter and book arts pieces. Stressing the importance of communicating, collaboration and connecting, LOCAL is grounded as a people project. Establishing connections and participating in collaborations with local people lends to the explorations and is foundational to the concepts. Through the work and engagements under LOCAL By Local Girl, Local Girl sets out to re-define the meaning of “local”.

1. Open Casting Call/Artist Talk Polaroid Poster 2020 Digital/Physical Poster 2. CelesteLineup_AnitaJoh.jpg Title of work: LOCAL Celeste 2020 Digital collage 3. LOCAL By Local Girl 2020 80" x 96" Digital view of photo series 4. LOCAL Raven 2020 Digital collage 5. LOCAL Natasha 2020 Digital collage

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