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Karine Leger

Montreal based artist Karine Leger creates delicately layered acrylic paintings, exploring collage and composition.

To start a painting, Leger examines colour and form through watercolour, often cutting out shapes and layering them until she is able to create a sense of harmony and balance. Patterns of different scales and densities play off each other then the collage is transformed onto the surface of the painting, offering order and then boldly disrupting it. Solid forms are breached by transparent overlays, allowing colour and texture to be distorted and creating new shapes in their negative spaces. Each painting is solved slowly and thoroughly with a soft and loving hand, demonstrated through the intricacies of their details and the careful consideration of each canvas.

Our favourite part of Karine Leger's soothing paintings are the white lineworks that both interrupt the shapes and tie them all together simultaneously. They break through the cool, muted palettes and create an energetic gesture that carries throughout her practice.


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