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Jeremy Herndl

Canadian artist Jeremy Herndl invites the viewer into the environments of his breathtaking oil paintings. 

Jeremy Herndl paints primarily on location, transporting to the time and place each work depicts. He intersects natural landscapes with iconic towns and cities of western Canada to create a striking contrast between an urban environment and the natural world. The imagery and scenes Herndl chooses signify iconic pacific northwest coast Canadian imagery, from Dawson City in the Yukon to Vancouver Island. Herndl uses decisively muted tones, depicting a dancing and luminescent light, and we see time shifting in his work through the brilliant use of shadow. His work brings feelings of isolation through absent signifiers, abandoned camper vans or isolated cabins stand eerily alone on his canvases. The level of labour invested into each work demonstrates Herndl's relationship with these environments, each painting is a reflection of the intimacy and care for each space he occupies. 

Through Jeremy Herndl's on the spot paintings, our eyes are satiated for a moment until his next painting emerges and we are left wanting more, ready to dive into the next location.


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