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Evan M. Cohen

American artist Evan M. Cohen makes comforting illustrations that offer a unique perspective on nature, connection, and change through their graphic lines and limited colour palettes.

With minimal hues, such as yellow, blue, pink and white, Cohen creates a dynamic range of imagery that offers a reflection of our own human experiences. Themes of transformation and community all converge into the comfort that can be found in nature; with the inclusion of compelling text and simple figures Cohen depicts us transforming into our most connected forms, the sun, the moon, or a blooming flower. He portrays us reincarnated into a place that is safe, kind, and loving, which is a welcome relief to the terrifying and isolated world around us today.

Evan M. Cohen offers his own healing balm, illustrated through growth, change, and surrendering to the natural world, processes that are difficult to give into yet universally needed. We feel a great sense of comfort when viewing his work, and hope sharing it creates a sense of calm and human connection.


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