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DAIR: An interview with Emma Carney

Emma Carney is our Winter 2021 digital artist-in-residence! We did a short and sweet interview to get to know her before her residency begins.

Name: Emma Carney

Location: Toronto, ON

Medium: Paint

School(s)/ Education: BFA University of Guelph, MFA University of Ottawa

Who is your biggest artist inspiration? Amy Sillman, Elizabeth McIntosh

Is there a book or other resource (podcast etc) that has impacted your practice? Sianne Ngai, Ugly Feelings

If you could talk to yourself right after graduation (Bachelors or MFA, your choice), what would you say? Don’t feel bad about not painting every day!

How do you overcome creative block? Giving myself more limits, drinking more coffee.

Best advice you've been given so far in your career? Do residencies!

Follow along as Emma shares her practice with us over the next month, and learn more about her work on her website


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