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Katherine Duclos

Vancouver based artist Katherine Duclos creates compositions and collages that offer escape to another world.

Duclos invokes familiar colours, textures, and forms to create scenes that are captivatingly strange. She toes the line between representation and abstraction, allowing us to understand a visual cue and then subverting its context. Working playfully with scale to create works ranging from miniature to massive, she offers unique experiences with each body of work. Their colour palettes are vibrant against muted, creating an entry point for our own memories to exist within her dream-like landscapes. Natural elements are pushed further with rainbow arcs and heavy ovals, allowing for a land and sky dynamic to come forward in her compositions.

Katherine Duclos employs quick mark-making and an intensely textured application of paint, often with mixes of warm and cool colours within a single brushstroke. These controlled contrasts and intricate details to create an enthralling practice asking us to dive in head first.

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