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Faye Wei Wei

Faye Wei Wei is a British artist who composes romantic paintings that come together in an impressively organic and consistent body of work.

Thin and transparent paint is and applied with quick mark making, creating decisive forms and injecting movement into her figures. The sketch-like quality of Wei Wei's work creates an impression of hastily recorded memories from a vision or dream, we can almost feel the urgency as she captures the fleeting images. We love these dreamlike paintings and the stories they tell about their creation. The titles allude to the unknown spaces and characters depicted, poetically telling their stories or offering humorous relief from the tension within the work, in the case of Anemones and Lovers.

Faye Wei Wei examines the female figure and a spiritual narrative in her painting practice, and we adore everything from the peach saturated colour palette to the deeply portrayed theatrics in each work.

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