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Hazel Eckert

St. John's based artist Hazel Eckert explores colour through a digital lens with her series of soft abstract photographs.

Soft Focus captures the ephemeral compositions created by time lag glitches on smartphones. Eckert's out-of-focus photographs offer a suggestion of an image that is just moments away from appearing, placing a veil of disorientation over the screens we constantly consume. Each one asks the viewer to pause and meditate on the instant abstraction and presents an opportunity for the stimulated eye to rest and reset. As we puzzle over the soft blurs of colour, we consider the blinding speed in which images are created for our visual indulgence.

Hazel Eckert's work earnestly questions the possibility for meaning in our world of digital image-making, where photography has never been more accessible and more unsure of its footing. We love the chance driven, quick-capture nature of this thoughful series.

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