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Jennifer Carvalho

Toronto based painter Jennifer Carvalho offers us windows into landscapes so saturated they threaten to overflow the surface of the canvas.

Carvalho's brushstrokes are soft and diluted, creating a chilling haze within each scene that rises off water and floats between trees. Within this muted atmosphere, vibrant forest greens and punchy corals offer a display of life surviving in the harsh environment Carvalho has created. Each painting depicts a moment frozen in time, flowers forever in bloom and leaves that will never fall, however their perpetuality is unsettling rather than comforting. These works build a sense of dread within their darkness, and we view them with bated breath, waiting for the axe to fall.

Jennifer Carvalho entrances us with paintings that are beautifully luscious and overgrown, with disaster hiding in each shadow. This body of work is melancholy and mysterious, and a wise look into an unhopeful environmental future.

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