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Fiona Moes Pel

Vancouver based artist Fiona Moes Pel creates small, geometric stained glass works. Their unique compositions and pleasing palette of clear and coloured glass offer a new perspective of this impressive medium.

Each piece of precariously assembled, with triangles and trapezoids stacked against each other at all angles. They appear to be filled with the incredible strength of something that's been shattered and lovingly made whole again. Added illusion is given to these structures through their use of negative space, linework is created in the presence of glass as well as the absence of it. They playfully remind us of sugar candy and shiny wrappers, we can almost hear them crack and crinkle.

Fiona Moes Pel successfully captures and commands light with each of these stunning works. Their shadows add to their presence, the palettes are softly reflected on the white wall behind them. We also love how each piece appears to have the power to grow endlessly, they almost come alive in front of our eyes.

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