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Introduction: Rebekah Andrade

My name is Rebekah Andrade. I am an abstract painter from Canada. Currently, I live and work in the United States. The work produced during this digital residency will support an upcoming show taking place this September at Gallery 1515, Vancouver BC.

My Work: Through re-imagined environments and composed structures, my work explores the many definitions of the ideal form. My interest lies in our ways of shifting and manipulating concrete and ambiguous elements within our inhabited environments. Inspiration is drawn from a negotiation process within the methods and boundaries of subject and medium. The neutral space that I create in allows the evolution of geometric combinations, application of paint and construction of shapes.

My Project: Compositions in my past paintings described as, hard-edge abstraction, left little space for creative mistakes. Currently, my interest resides in ways of re-working these architectural abstractions, thus pushing a visual language. Recently, I completed a three-week residency at Otis College in Los Angeles. During my time there I began to investigate and challenge my current approach to painting. Through methods and materials used in woodblock printing I expanded on new forms and shapes, creating movement, depth, and texture. My intention with this digital artist-in-residence is to continue exploring and building on these new methods and materials. To stimulate this process I have constructed three questions to use as jumping off points.

Jumping off points:

1. What geometric combinations stimulate the senses in a constructive and effective way?

2. How can I expand on current methods used to create space and gesture within a pating?

3. What elements make a painting interesting?

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