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Alison Judd

Toronto artist Alison Judd blurs the boundaries between printmaking and sculpture in work that speaks to a surface greater than them both - the surface of the earth.

Judd's recent work explores the concept of continents, and her sculptures are both delicate in their material construction and impressive in their presence, much like the crucial blocks of geography they represent. Their pieces, intricately sewn together, resemble sections of barren land, tectonic plates, or slabs of textured stone. Judd's chosen palette of soft, silvery greys grounds the work further in their impression, and this neutral selection shifts the viewer's focus to the shape's formal structure. These works invite the contemplation of their creation, a process that is decidedly intriguing with a nod to the mysterious (and much debated) origin of the earth.

Alison Judd's series "Continent" has a secondary title, drift, which suggests movement and change in an intuitive, even uncontrollable, way. We love the way this series gently reminds us of the inevitable and constant shifting of the world under our feet, as well as world around us.

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