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Shawn O'Hagan

Shawn O'Hagan is an artist based in Western Newfoundland who creates joyful, energetic, and intuitive textile collages.

O'Hagan's work is all about the process, allowing each step to indicate the direction of the finished work. As she states, her work is about "the pure joy of making," and this love for her creative practice and working with her hands shines through each piece. These textile collages are small, intricate, and full of gorgeous details, qualities that celebrate labour intensive work requiring concentration and contemplation. She allows the designs of her vintage fabric materials to influence their design and rhythm, bringing the weight of their histories and previous purposes to their compositions.

There are many elements at play in Shawn O'Hagan's work, including texture, pattern, linework, and colour, which all come together in a harmonious exploration of abstraction in its purest form. We absolutely adore these elaborate works!

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