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LOOK & LISTEN: Goal Digger Podcast

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When we started this blog there was no guidebook on how to make it successful. The realization that we had some gaps in our knowledge came quickly, and we asked ourselves "why didn't art school teach us the business or marketing skills we are now in search of?" Enter Jenna Kutcher's podcast Goal Digger. We still have so much to learn, but Jenna's thoughtful insight into marketing, website development, content creation, as well as her constant positive encouragement has taught us so much.

Jenna turned her small photography business into a multimedia empire, so each episode is jam packed with tangible advice backed by real experience from herself and her guests. She breaks down abstract ideas, like developing a brand (or in our case, a blog) into manageable steps and concrete goals. After an episode it feels possible to make the changes necessary for growth and development, AND her ideas often seem like no-brainers when they are shared in her easygoing and reassuring voice.

While every episode leaves us feeling inspired, we picked three that are perfect for creative careers:

Episode #207 How to Batch Work (and Save Yourself Hours)

This episode is REALLY relevant to us bloggers. Jenna explains how doing similar tasks all at once, like our art bullets, for example, can help make your workflow more efficient! This episode changed the way we think about our whole schedule.

Episode #209 Why A Money Mindset Matters

Money can be a sensitive topic for artists, especially ones who are trying to build their dream business and are currently doing it for free (we are raising our hands for that one). Hearing Jenna talk about why changing your money mindset from scarcity to abundance is a crucial turning point for a healthy financial future was so inspiring.

Episode #134 How to Create and Cultivate Your Best Idea

Jenna is joined by Jacklyn Johnson of the incredible business Create & Cultivate for this episode. Jacklyn breaks down how she turned her side hustle into her full time job and how to take your creativity seriously for a successful career, two pieces of advice we were searching for.

A quote from the podcast we love: "We are talking about life, feeling purpose, giving ourselves permission, staying creative, and how to tackle your next project with ease so you know you're creating your best work" Episode 74, "How to Stay Creative and Tackle Your Next Project"

Subscribing to Goal Digger Podcast is like subscribing to a weekly pep talk. It's all about empowering women entrepreneurs, making it feel personal and relatable. If you have a creative project, side hustle, or budding business (which almost every artist does!) this podcast will become your life raft in a sea of unknowns and will help turn the career of your dreams into an action plan!

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