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Robyn Flannigan

Robyn Flannigan is an artist and illustrator in St. John's, NL whose clean style and impressive narrative ability has been doused in a dreamy color scheme.

Each of Flannigan's work is decisively drawn, with crisp, confident line work. Her figures are alluringly beautiful, yet we find them relatable. With curvy legs, small eyes, and a variety of hobbies, including reading, gardening, and relaxing, they are an achievable aspiration, or perhaps a curation of an ideal self who is accepted with all flaws. Flannigan's colour palette places the women she designs in a rosy, idyllic world, highlighted by lavenders, powder blues, and sea foam greens. Her subject matter often favorably reflects her location as well, with smooth cliffs, pink skies, and calm seas.

Robyn Flannigan's cohesive body of work feels like a personal reflection of people and place, an illustrated self portrait built up over a variety of images. We love how her drawing style is instantly recognizable, and her personality shines through each illustration.

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