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Palma Blank

Brooklyn based artist Palma Blank creates sharp, colourful paintings that push the potential of the painted visual illusion.

Each piece is built up from an intricate pattern of undulating line work, blending together to create an incredible shimmering effect. While it appears that Blank uses a wide range of colours, including pink, purple, turquoise, and orange, only four colours are actually applied: grey, black, red, and light green. This colour mixing technique is reminiscent of the RGB colour model, often used in television screens to effectively create many colours from few. Instead of small, circular light sells, Blank's stripes have a bladelike precision that hum with energy and perfectly control the illusion of each colour across the canvas.

While Palma Blank's works are precise and structured, they are still true to their materials. We love how the build up of acrylic creates a rough and raw edge around the painting, it contrasts perfectly with the smooth, crisp surface.

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