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Dominique Fung

Canadian artist Dominique Fung is based in Brookyn, NYC. She explores her cultural identity through painting imagined figures, fruits, and other pleasures.

These surreal spaces and subjects are created from a creamy oil paint, which offers its gorgeous, shiny finish to each work. Her compositions are washed with light, porcelain bodies glisten and pool surfaces appear slick with water. Burnt oranges, soft peaches, and bright turquoises marry the paintings together into an extensive, wonderous dream. Fung depicts a world of decadence, leisure, and luxury, by lovingly portraying rose petals, ripe fruit, and clear baths.

Dominique Fung's sculptural creatures appear to be caught in the midst of their paradise, frozen in a moment of indulgence. We wish we could go beneath the surface of the canvas and join their world of relaxation!

Just Like Fine China, an exhibition of Dominique Fung's work, will be on display at Project Gallery's Dundas Street location in Toronto from November 1 - 24, 2018.

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