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Jaynie Crimmins

Jaynie Crimmins is an artist based out of Brooklyn who repurposes shredded mail into sculptural assemblages.

The works in Crimmins' series "Building a Blue Wall" are delicate yet dense. Their large mass of repurposed materials builds out in a circular formation, with alternating folds and colours to create pattern. Each piece appears labour intensive and carefully planned, with a final composition referencing the natural world, such as mushrooms, urchins, and flowers. Their titles make them advocates, with reference to women's rights, scientific research, and freedom of speech. As well, their blue colour assigns them a political stance and a powerful statement.

Jaynie Crimmins offers a mundane, everyday material a new life. However, text and imagery hint of their original purpose and give each work a significant history and critical relevance in today's culture.

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