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Ashleigh Bartlett

Canadian artist Ashleigh Bartlett creates whimsical paintings full vibrant and playful patterns. She has a dramatic flare and a knack for abstraction.

Bartlett combines paint and paper to take advantage of their contrasting material qualities. Translucent paint blends into the background while flat and opaque paper is crisply cut and sits on the surface of the canvas. Bartlett also allows paint to be paint with visible, decisive brush strokes and energetically dripped pigments. Colour is a key element explored in these works as she pushes both monochromatic and multi-chromatic palettes. In "Claws" there are three powerful colours competing for our attention, teal, yellow and red. This, in addition to the wavy patterning that Bartlett often employs in her work creates a complex visual experience. The slow reveal of this complexity is apart of their charm!

Ashleigh Bartlett's practice is impressively focused with a cohesive approach and stunning results. We love how they appear to be fun to make as they are definitely fun to look at!

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