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Matt Conners

New York based artist Matt Connors creates wonderfully abstracted and minimal paintings full of colour.

Conners layers up hues and shapes, allowing each to affect the other. Similar colours are placed side by side to add to the depth and exploratory nature of these works. Bright pigments such as vibrant corals and greens, warm reds and yellows, and striking royal blues contrast with neutral canvas and graphic black. They are built up within clean and minimal shapes, yet their paint is allowed its materiality through bleeds and scrapes. His interest appears to lie primarily in squares, circles, and rectangles, which, while unassuming in potential, are employed to greatly push the boundaries of composition. Conners plays with all relationships in between, between colours, shapes, even between painting and wall. For example, in "Second Unfolded Elevation" colour appears in both flat block and crisp outlines, pushing forms foreword and suggesting shadow.

Conners titles push their playful qualities further by combining both descriptive and suggestive techniques. There are also a few with an unquestionable whimsy, such as "You're Gonna Take A Walk in the Rain and You're Gonna Get Wet". We’d love to see these exciting pieces up close and personal!

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