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Min Sun Lee

Min Sun Lee, an artist based in Brooklyn, creates colourful and lighthearted collages. They are charmingly diverse with an effective and satisfying simplicity.

Each collage feels intuitively composed, with unique rhythm and carefully considered forms. The use of layers is the core technique employed in Lee's work, a strategy creating a dynamic energy that builds up as the forms do. The shapes feel like scraps of paper in their spontaneity, yet each piece has a precision and a cleanness in it's lines that indicates their preciousness. While there are minimal suggestions of perspective, Lee's use of light and dark creates an effective level of depth and contrast. The use of a broad colour palette also adds to their dimension, with a sustained aesthetic throughout this body of work.

These collages by Min Sun Lee playfully explore the possibilities of colourful paper. We feel this work has a limitless amount of colour combinations and compositions, and we can't want to see where she takes it next.

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