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Martine Johanna

Martine Johanna is a portrait artist based in the Netherlands who explores her own nature through the representations of others.

Each painting features fully rendered elements as well as flowing, unfinished brushstrokes and charming cartoon-like line work. Johanna's detailed mark making is so fine it almost appears to be the work of pencil crayons. Her figures sit on canvases filled with abstract, ambiguous space that alludes to no world in particular, either real or imaginary. There is a clear reference to the world of fashion, however, as each woman has stylized and model-like beauty, with a youthful glow and intentional expression, either concerned, focused, or dazed. The models are rendered in natural colour palettes punctuated by neon and fluorescent pigments, with a particular fondness for pinks, peaches, and cheerful teals.

The paintings by Martine Johanna showcase a careful and loving labour, each created more entrancingly than the last. Their titles offer a hint into the tumultuous mind of each model and add to their captivating effects.

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