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Annyen Lam

Toronto based artist Annyen Lam's multidisciplinary practice focuses on delicately intricate papercuts that blow us away.

Lam's practice incorporates and blurs the lines between a number of disciplines, by combining printmaking, papercutting, and installation. Her installations create windows into a papercut world of imaginary natural landscape and fantasy-like spaces. Viewers are invited to look deeper into each piece through a viewfinder that both draws you in and controls your perspective. Upon closer inspection into each scene, more and more detail reveals itself. She pushes the vistas back and forth between representation and abstraction. They have a gravitas and theatricality that is effectively emphasized by intentional lighting choices that bring each scene alive.

Annyen Lam's whimsical work is an impressive exploration of the material potential of paper. Her additional series called "Tiny Blades Project" is an equally accomplished discipline in pushing past the limits of the medium.

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