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Honor Freeman

Australian artist Honor Freeman works with porcelain ceramics to recreate everyday objects such as sponges, soap, and cinder blocks. These functional items are transformed into purely aesthetic meditations on time.

Freeman's work explores the often overlooked parts of our daily routines and makes them beautiful! The objects shift from their natural ephemeral states because Freeman's soap are frozen in time and are unable to be washed away. While there likeness is preserved, they now function only as markers for the passage of time. Freeman "seek[s] to make visible the relationship between us and the objects we use, the gestures, mundane activities and humble objects, like small markers silently measuring the hours and marking the days".

Not only are Honor Freeman's objects aesthetically pleasing, so are her perfectly gridded and knolled arrangements. We cant help but reflect upon how we often start a new bar of soap before the old one is truly finished. When considering this, Freeman's work becomes a reflection of how we do not acknowledge everyday beauty.

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