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Suzanne Unrein

New York City based artist Suzanne Unrein creates vibrant works that explore paint, the animal form, and human nature.

Unrein's work is saturated with bright colours built up by layers of quick washes. The brisk, energetic lines and colours create a dramatic sense of tension within each piece. The mark making is loose and flowing, blending to create a muddy atmosphere. Unrein's unbound sketches reveal the process behind resolved final paintings. This starting point is evident in the finished work, as paint is treated almost as a drawing material on the surface of the canvas. Soft and hard lines push back and forth, causing subjects to emerge from and sink into the background. When pushed forward, these subjects reveal human and animal figures within wild, unruly landscapes. These works reflect the connection between animals and humans, and shine a light on the acknowledged bestiality within human nature.

Suzanne Unrein's captivating body of paintings invite us into a pastel world of animalistic chaos. Although they are effectively prepared and planned, we love how each piece is able to maintain its spontaneous, free-flowing nature.

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