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Lori Glavin

American artist Lori Glavin has an interdisciplinary practice that spans painting, collage, and textiles. All of her work, and her textiles in particular have an energy and tactility that we can't get enough of.

Glavin creates pleasing textures with unique vintage materials like paper and fabric. Pattern emerges from thread and blocks of stitched together colour, and draw-like lines, weave through the compositions. The resulting forms resemble rough blueprints or a foldable paper template. Glavin's work has an honesty and nostalgia that comes from the imperfect lines and frayed edges, as well as colours and fabrics that remind us of childhood memories.

Each beautiful piece Lori Glavin creates is given a title that is equally intriguing, such as "Esther's Corner" and "Right Hand Turns". This body of work is delicate, contemplative, and playfully abstract, a combination that is unfailingly impressive.

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