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VIRTUAL GATHERING No. 3: Hale, Krysa, Groome, Vardimon, Matisse, Hoch

The commonality of this virtual curation is the process of collage - the collecting, cutting, and combining paper pieces to create new compositions. This grouping features both contemporary and historical representation, which seamlessly blend together due to the classical references in both technique and subject matter in the modern selections. Contrast is a key element in this curation, with colour contradicting greyscale and photographic depictions balancing flat colour fields. Two genres of collage, painting based and photography based, come together in this grouping of work and, as a whole, the collection effectively alternates and abstracts figurative form and explores the interactions of colour. This virtual gathering reminds us that collage is a technique used for many years by artists and it is just as relevant today as it was in the early 20th century.

Adam Hale

Danielle Krysa

“don was about to discover that, no, this bullsh*t would not fly.”

[found images, gouache on watercolor paper, 2016]

Jessica Groome

Variations on the double curve + semicircle

small-scale collages

acrylic on paper


Hagar Vardimon

Collage, 2016


The Snail, 1953

Gouache on paper, cut and pasted on paper mounted on canvas

Hannah Höch Für ein Fest gemacht (Made for a Party) 1936

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