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NC Qin

NC Qin is an artist based in Sydney, Australia who explores the possibilities of glass. Her work is a poetic commentary on a timeless human struggle, one that is both relatable and isolating.

Qin's recent project Persistence compares the art of glass casting and ballet dancing to comment on the progress from beginner to master. Both arts require strenuous exertion and discipline, and have a steep learning curve. The sculptural works express all stages of the process, with the inclusion of both failed attempts and final achievements. The red streaks of pigment represent the sacrifice, mental and physical, that is required to achieve perfection. Qin states that the piece "was inspired by an ad from the Royal Ballet which showed how each year 12,000 pairs of ballet shoes are worn, some lasting the duration of a single performance and then cast away. [She] saw parallels between the process of mold making/glass casting and the practice of ballet." The rhythm and variance created from the imperfections of the glass slippers allude to the movement and beauty of dance, and give the piece an effective sense of energy.

We think the level of mastery NC Qin's has reached in her glass casting practice is both ambitious and impressive. Her work imaginatively explores human trials and emotions, and Persistence is one of many intriguing and striking pieces.

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