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Lisa Wicka

American Artist Lisa Wicka creates beautiful mixed media collages. They are a tactful mix of organic and geometric subject matter speaking of nostalgic wallpaper scraps that send us back into our own childhood memories.

Wicka's work is full of layers, both metaphorical and literal. The compositions are created by overlapping different materials, and each material represents a built up connection to her past. As the viewer, we love interpreting the meaning of each colour, texture and shape, and consider how each work speaks to our own personal history. Colour and composition are impressively handled in each series, and the contrast of bright hues against neutral tones create a complex dialogue and rhythm that keeps our eyes moving thought each piece. While most of Wicka's work is on a flat plane, she also succeeds in pushing the collages into the third dimensions, such as in her series Focus and Exploration, where photographs are paired with her intervention of collage and sculptural elements.

Lisa Wicka creates clean and decisive bodies of work that we adore. Each piece is a collage of clues about the artist herself, which only adds to their charm. Wicka's refreshing take on collage makes us want to break out our own exacto knives!

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