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David Keating

Berlin based artist David Keating creates wonderfully minimal sculptural drawings that remind us of marinas and playgrounds at the same time!

Keating shows his works in a variety of locations, from gallery spaces to grassy parks, that offer his viewers a wide range of ways to interact with his pieces. He incorporates opposite materials, hard steel and soft segments of rope, which he stiffens with additives such as paint. We love that when hardened, the rope mimics the metal in an interesting and unexpected way. The metal structures are reminiscent of frames, while the hanging rope speak of loose, graphic gestures. Each piece feels simultaneously planned and intuitive, the rope adds a quality of playfulness and metal is decisive by nature.

These works are poetic and beautiful, which is especially impressive because of its practical-seeming materials. We would love to see these three-dimensional drawings in person, we're sure we'd be even more entranced!

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