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Ben Skinner

Vancouver based artist Ben Skinner is a multidisciplinary artist who celebrates the banal and captures moments of everyday. He creates work across a wide range of mediums, though our favourites of his practice are his sculpture and text work

Skinner's series "2 inch solid cubes" is the perfect example of a simple idea executed effectively to create an unexpectedly interesting outcome. This series of multiples pushes an uncomplicated concept to its limits. While Skinner constrains himself to certain guidelines, through size and shape, the material opportunities for this project is endless. We find ourselves drawn to the materials we recognize and intrigued by those we cannot identity. One of the main components of Skinners practice appears to be taking objects and concepts out of their context. Seemingly mundane, banal and everyday phrases become the subject of Skinners text work. He removes them from their context and often even alters them slightly which makes them more complicated to contextualize.

There is a sense of humour throughout all of Skinners projects that turns the simple into the clever and the obvious into the mysterious. We will definitely keep following Skinners practice as we are excited to see what he does next.

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