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Evan Trine

Evan Trine is an artist based in California who creates digital works blurring the line between painting and digital art. We love his bright and bold colour palettes, and could spend hours puzzling out their subject matter.

The apparent depth of Trine's works, caused in part by their effective framing and hanging, aligns them with the tradition of painting. Each piece reads as an object, not a printed image pinned flatly on a wall. We can't help but associate their large scale, striking colour, and simplified content with minimal painting masters like Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella, whose work offered a similar emotion to viewers. Trine works within the practice of abstraction with these digital prints, as they are clearly a simplification of visual data. Their blocking of vibrant hues references pixels, the backbone of today's digital landscape. We would love the opportunity to see these works in person as we're sure it would allow us to experience their full impact!

Evan Trine's works are visually appealing and stimulate our curiosity. We love how their titles add to their cheeky mystery, hinting to the source of their gorgeous colours!

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