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Erin Lynn Welsh

Brooklyn based painter Erin Lynn Welsh creates beautiful nature inspired paintings full of spontaneous mark making. Her subject matter and colour palette make us think of gardens and warmer weather!

Welsh works with small, energetic brushstrokes that gives each work a wonderful quickness and energy. The varying thicknesses of paint enhance the textured appearance and make us wish we could see each one up close! Welsh experiments with different levels of abstraction throughout her bodies of work, and the paintings with comparatively representational elements borrow tropes from photography, such as contrasting focal points and soft lens flares. The use of diptychs is also a method that Welsh employs in many of her pieces, which suggests an endlessness to her subject matter, or the appearance of looking at the imagery through a window. In these diptychs, the floral motifs depicted offer a pleasing reminder of flowers pressed between notebook pages.

Erin Lynn Welsh creates impressive compositions that are full of movement and rhythm. We admire her commitment to her subject matter and these paintings make us want to pick up our brushes!

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