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Katharine Morling

London artist Katharine Morling works in ceramics, yet creates incredible, detailed and delicate drawings! These drawings are actually 3D and made out of clay, and their life-sized quality makes them feel extremely realistic.

Our favourite of her pieces depict aged technology, such as a sewing machine, boom box, and wooden matches. All of these items have an important function, yet Morling's clay renderings can't stitch, play, or light. Just like the way they have been substituted by ceramic drawings, the real versions of these objects have been replaced in society by more advanced technology, making their purpose close to obsolete. Morling's delightful black and white ceramics make us aware of this, while successfully bringing our focus back to their unique aesthetic virtues. We love the charmingly vintage aesthetic, and their line work has a funky, illustrative quality that makes them one of a kind.

Katharine Morling's work are not created with function in mind, they are made for the sake of seeing everyday objects recreated in clay. She's defying the limits of the material and we are so impressed with this clever body of work!

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