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Lizz Aston

Lizz Aston is an artist based in Toronto who makes beautiful paper cut outs and installations. These incredible works are the result of her education in craft and design, and their reference to lace and textile traditions is unmistakable.

Each piece is hand dyed, allowing Aston to produce an extremely high chroma colour palette. Also, the use of a gradient in each work is well planned and effectively executed to create an illusion of depth. The dramatic perspectival distortion of each piece of lace makes them appear almost alive, especially when combined with Aston's colour choices. They almost remind us of jellyfish swimming in the ocean! These works are successful both at a delicately small scale and as monumental installations. Although Aston uses a similar process to create each work, the end result she is able to achieve is strikingly diverse.

Lizz Aston's large body of work is extremely impressive! The amount of time and labour required to complete each piece is apparent in the final product. We admire Aston's unwavering commitment to her materials, subject matter, and her artistic practice as a whole.

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