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Richard Caldicott

London based Richard Caldicott has an extensive body of work spanning across mediums, including painting, drawing, and photography. We especially love his collage work because they are simple yet so impactful!

Caldicott's collages utilize minimal materials and unusual shapes to create interesting compositions. They contain satisfyingly crisp shadows and highlights that bring the pieces to life and give each collage a sense of depth when combined with the use of sharp, perspective-mimicking angles. The colours used in these works are limited yet refined, and when placed on a neutral gray ground they really pop! Each collage is composed of tangible material Caldicott transforms into effective 2D compositions that intriguingly resemble puzzle pieces or shards of glass.

Richard Caldicott's collages stand out from the rest of his work because their process is simple and clear. We love the sense of temporality that exists because there are seemingly countless ways to reassemble the compositions, and we hope he continues to explore all the possibilities!

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