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Erin O'Keefe

Erin O'Keefe, a New York based artist, creates beautiful, mysterious and ambiguous photographs. We love that while they are photographs, they can be interpreted as paintings, sculptures and collages as well. However, we suspect the fact that these works are photographs instead of paintings gives them a lovely glow. They almost radiate with light!

In each work, a sense of mystery is present, as it unclear to the viewer what the compositions are created with. Blocks of colour, either crisp or soft, appear to be flat planes imitating the rules of perspective when in reality each work is created in real life and then photographed. The amazing colour complexity that O'Keefe is able to create with minimal materials blows us away! Not only are the colours complex, they are misleadingly artificial, for example the beautiful combinations of pastels and fluorescents which re-occur in this series.

Erin O'Keefe's ability to create such varied compositions using the same materials and endless colour combinations causes us to truly believe she could keep making these forever! Each offer a different minimal but engaging composition and are full of life and light.

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