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VIRTUAL GATHERING No. 1: Gillick, Keating, Caro, Sandbeck, Aldrich, Boysen

When we curated our first virtual show, we focused mostly on works that were both structurally complicated with a focused colour palette. Caro's sculpture adds a pop of unexpected and complimentary colour amongst the blue and white. We also love the juxtaposition of organic and geometric forms in this collection of works. If this was exhibited together in a gallery space, it would have a sense of unity and energy from the striking forms interacting against each other!

Liam Gillick, And a mirror... Or a mirror..., 2016

David Keating, Blue Arch, 2010. Carpet, Steel, Clue, Acrylic

Anthony Caro, Capital, 1960. Steel, painted

Fred Sandbeck, Untitled, 1975. Linocut

Lynn Aldrich, Water Feature, 2015. Galvanized steel downspouts, exterior enamel

Jennifer Boysen, Untitled, 2015. Tempera on fabricated form

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