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Britton Tolliver

L.A. based artist Britton Tolliver wows us with his acrylic paintings full of energy and unpredictable colour palettes. This is a body of work that we can't get enough of!

His works appear almost too perfect to be made by hand and more like computer glitches than paintings, although each piece is much larger than the average computer screen. The lattice grids and the gradient forms are the common threads throughout his body of work that amplify this computer-like quality. However, these works have a depth to them that separates them from the digital world, specifically through the way the varying size grids interact with each other and give a sense of foreground and background. Layers appear to be added, masked, and scraped away, causing colours to peek through the surfaces. Our favourite part of these works are the organic forms of perfect gradient that break up the structural background and showcase the materiality of the thick, acrylic paint.

These awesome paintings of Britton Tolliver are even fun beyond their surface, he gives each one a title, such as "Thumb Buster" and "Capricorn Born Again," that piques our curiosity and adds an extra element of fascination to the works.

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