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Jamie North

Australian artist Jamie North has an art practice that is both consistent and impressive. His innovative sculptures caught our eye with their breathtaking combinations of vegetation and stone.

In North's work, contrast is the name of the game as they are a clever combination of the city and the natural world, two seemingly separate things. Bright green plants and small ecosystem-like worlds have overtaken and sit within large pieces of stone, concrete and rubble, making this a body of work that is alive and changing. The sculptures are bursting with poetic potential, and they bring to mind ideas of recovery, rebirth, and the ways destruction can always be repaired and rebuilt. These works impact the locations they are installed within, turning them into a reflection of the locations the materials were gathered from.

Jamie North's sculptures have a tranquility that we find both calming and refreshing. We love how he takes elements from the natural environment, repurposes them, and allows for a rediscovery of these materials within a gallery setting.

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