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Amy Greenan

Amy Greenan explores the narrative qualities of abandoned houses. Their simplified forms and muted colours allow us to bring our own interpretation of the spaces to each work. They're both beautiful and spooky!

The colours are mostly low intensity with wonderful pops of bright pastels. We love how Greenan has worked wet on wet, which allows us to see the process behind each painting, including her additive and subtractive methods of mark making. She depicts each house as a portrait and therefore they are all full of character, but still have a sense of anonymity because of their lack of personal items, such as furniture. The way light and dark is used to create depth and the illusion of space allows for the perspective plains to remain simple and still effective. Also, "One More Hour," "Haunted When the Minutes Drag," and "Primary" are direct observations of the same subject matter, yet Greenan is able to achieve impressively different works.

The non-specificity of each work enables us to inhabit each space with our own memories, transforming them from a stagnant image of a space into a nostalgic dwelling. We love how unified Amy Greenan's body of work is, and she's an artist we constantly return to for inspiration.

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